Identity Solution Identry advances to next round in EIC Accelerator

Last year marked a pivotal moment for our team as we eagerly applied with our identity solution “Identry” for the European Innovation Council’s Accelerator Programme (EIC Accelerator). This prestigious initiative, known for supporting innovative startups and SMEs, opened the door to exciting possibilities. Fortunately, we received the green light for step 1, setting the stage for a transformative journey ahead. 
The EIC Accelerator is not just a funding opportunity; it’s a pathway to bringing revolutionary technologies to life. By supporting innovative startups like Identry, the program aims to accelerate growth, create jobs, and drive economic development in Europe. 

Identry – A Digital Identity Revolution 

Identry is an innovative digital identity management platform developed collaboratively by Ledger Leopard and launching partner Mammoet. This platform is set to revolutionize how industrial businesses manage access permissions, compliance, and security. 

Leveraging cutting-edge Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology, Identry offers a streamlined approach tailored for the industrial sector. This digital solution boasts features such as full digitization, unilateral revocation of credentials, user-controlled data, efficient verification, and robust blockchain security. 

Identry’s Comprehensive Product Suite 

Diving into the details, Identry’s product suite includes a user-friendly Wallet App, precise Issuer Dashboard, and a powerful Verifier Dashboard. This comprehensive and user-centric platform is designed to simplify access, enhance compliance, and fortify security measures for industries grappling with challenges like site safety, GDPR compliance, and data protection. 

Addressing Challenges in the Industrial sector with Identry 

Over the past few months, we’ve worked closely with Mammoet and other industry leaders to craft the most advanced version of Identry. As we gear up for the test phase, our collaborative efforts aim to create a solution that truly addresses the unique challenges faced by the industrial sector.  

In the industrial sector, challenges like site safety, GDPR compliance, and data protection are paramount. Identry is our answer to these challenges, simplifying administrative processes, ensuring compliance, and fortifying security measures. We are dedicated to making life easier for industries grappling with these hurdles. 

Join Our Exciting Journey 

To dive deeper into Identry and stay updated on our progress, we invite you to connect with us on our social media platforms. Join us as we reshape industrial identity management with Identry, making access, compliance, and security simpler, smarter, and more efficient. We’ll share more insights and exciting updates on the Mammoet test phase soon! 


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