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New technologies like blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IoT are changing our world at high speed. We help you realize what these technologies can do for your business at what term by creating awareness, exploring the possibilities for your business and realizing a working solution for you based on these technologies so you will keep a competitive advantage at all time!

Our solutions Realize-what-the-future-entails and Realize-it
Get to know the new upcoming technologies, see and explore how these can change your industry and work for you! Besides realizing what the future can be, we can realize it with you for you!

Realize what the upcoming technologies can bring you

Through training and exploratory workshops you will realize what the future technologies really entail and how they can influence your business and industry! Through exploratory interactive workshops, you will find out how these technologies can give you a competitive advantage for you business specific.

Custom blockchain applications

After realizing what the future can look like, let our development team build decentralized web and mobile applications customized specifically to your business needs or explore the possibilities of our standard solutions for your company!

Use cases Let’s transform your industry

Unshackle your organization from administrative constraints

Integrate patient treatment, consent, medical prescriptions, and payments to
providers in one smooth process.

Remove inefficiencies and ease societal burdens

Migrate from slow paper-based systems to dynamic real-time voting, tax collection,
digital ID systems to better serve citizens.

Ensure product authenticity and prevent counterfeiting

Increase visibility into the management of assets, inventory, and goods along both local
and global supply chains.

Control access to personal information

Protect against identity theft by creating a new standard of verifiable digital credentials
that are safe for individuals to use online.

How MicroBiome eliminated mountains of paperwork

Using Ledger Leopard’s expertise, he created a tamper-proof blockchain network on which medical data were securely recorded. Patients could now grant doctors and pharmacists permission to access their medical data, and doctors could propose personalized treatment plans to their patients. Once patients agree to their treatment plans, pharmacists dispense the medication. With insurance approvals and payments smoothly integrated into the process, MicroBiome finally ensured that patients get the necessary treatment without moving mountains of paperwork.

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