Identry: unlock the future of digital identity management

In partnership with launching collaborator Mammoet, we’re proud to unveil Identry: a groundbreaking platform set to redefine Identity & Access Management and Document Verification. Identry heralds a new era in digital identity, where fraudulent credentials are a relic of the past, and the power of data control is returned to its rightful owners. . 

How It Works:

Identry revolutionizes the traditional, cumbersome process of credential verification. With our innovative platform, we address the core challenges: 

  • Where are documents issued? 
  • How are they securely managed and verified?


Identry is designed to streamline and secure these processes, making identity management, access control, and document verification seamless and foolproof. 

For Whom?

Identry’s versatility shines across various sectors, providing tailor-made solutions to enhance safety, compliance, and operational efficiency: 

  • Construction: Building safety on the foundation of verified credentials. 
  • Transport/Logistics: Ensuring seamless logistics through stringent standard verification.

Identity Management

Safeguard identities with unparalleled security.


Access Management

Grant secure access to streamline your operations.

Document Verification

Establish authenticity as your new standard.

Identry for Mammoet

Developed through the collaborative expertise of Ledger Leopard and Mammoet, Identry leverages Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology to offer a fully digital, user-centric platform. Features like digital Wallet App, Issuer Dashboard, and Verifier Dashboard make Identry not just a tool but a comprehensive suite for modernizing identity management in the industrial sector. 

We’ve tailored Identry to tackle the industrial sector’s most pressing challenges: enhancing site safety, ensuring GDPR compliance, and protecting data with robust security measures. Our commitment to innovation and ease of use positions Identry as the go-to solution for industries facing these critical issues.

Get Started

Join the revolution with Identry, where cutting-edge technology meets industrial innovation to simplify and secure digital identity management like never before. 


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