Ace is a new breed network with 12 labels: HERC, Born05, Blauw Gras, Glasnost, Airborne, Fitzgerald, IM Lounge, Newborn, Label A, Off The Record, AMARU and Content Icons. Ace is constantly working on a comprehensive offering for brands to remain relevant in the rapidly changing world. About 320 people work from offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Brands such as Unilever, 538, Porsche, Samsung, Young Capital and Zalando are part of the portfolio.

In August 2022, Ace Introduced the ACE Coin: a cryptocurrency that allows the company to involve employees in its development and growth.

In addition to the coin, ACE wanted to launch its own Token. In exchange for these Tokens employees can enjoy special services, such as restaurant lunches and coffees, a business coach, work-outs, seminars or massages during work hours. Together with Ledger Leopard, ACE realised this project.

The solution

The ACE Token – Voucher – System is ACE’s system to distribute tokens and vouchers to their customer and employees using an integrated wallet in the ACE app. The ACE app will be developed by ACE internally.

Through the Token – Voucher – System, vouchers and tokens can be created and managed. They can be distributed to individuals their wallets. Furthermore, these tokens can be bought, sold and spend at designated places in the ACE club (e.g., coffee, lunch etc). Voucher will be sent proactively to the users on a timely basis and can be spend as well as a token of appreciation. All movement of tokens and vouchers need to be reconciled in the financial administration of ACE.


  • Employee Engagement
  • Efficiency in Internal Processes

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