Mijn Zorglog

A Working Blockchain Application in Healthcare

Netherlands Healthcare Institute, Coöperatie VGZ and the three maternity care organizations: Liemerscare, Kraamzorg Zuid-Gelderland and Kraamzorg VDA 

Within these organisations, notebooks or logbooks where being used to manually track maternity care hours. These hours had to be checked and rechecked after administering care. They did not always have the latest or most accurate information. 

After implementing the blockchain application, young mothers (the insured) had real-time insight into the number of maternity care hours logged toward their care, with no checking and rechecking of hours afterward. Therefore, patients gained more control over their own care, and they were able to determine who gets access to their data. Resulting in a more transparent and efficient process for registering maternity care hours 

Award winning project

Best IT project in health care | By trade journal Computable the project ‘Blockchain in healthcare: Mijn Zorg Log was awarded in 2017 with the award best ICT project in the care of the year. The award was presented on the basis of the judgment of the Computable Awards jury and the public’s vote.” 


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