RTI Dashboard

Optimizing supply-chain data through RTI Blockchain.

Reusable Transport Items (RTIs), such as crates, pallets, and barrels, are an essential part of the supply-chain infrastructure; however, they can be difficult to account for, get misplacement or go missing. RTIs are constantly exchanged, get lost, freight capacity is not optimized, and lack of oversight between the parties in the chain that consists of poolers, producers, shippers, and recipients can lead to a great deal of confusion.

By building and implementing an RTI Blockchain all types of RTIs used by retailers, from pallets and crates to containers, can be quickly registered and exchanged between connected parties in the logistics process. Parties involved in the supply chain can depend on the RTI Blockchain as a tool that grants them an overview of all registered RTIs. This unique online platform uses blockchain technology to link all participants in the supply chain and provide them with real-time insights on their cargo data and allow them to share information privately and transparently.

The Result

Greater logistical efficiency, transparency between parties, streamlined administration, and less balance reconciliation, resulting in a more sustainable supply chain with fewer lost items.


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