Central Judicial Collection Agency

How Zero Proof Knowledge protects identity data 

The Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB) collects fines from citizens and increases penalties for those who don’t pay. Although the system works well when everyone who receives fines are able to pay, an increasing number of citizens have found themselves unable to pay.  

Further compounding the problem, the lack of ability to pay comes to light only after the citizen has been summoned to court. This exposes inefficiencies, unnecessary burdens, and wasted spending. Had the CJIB known this from the beginning, they could have saved a lot of time and money, and also prevented the citizen’s debt from snowballing. 

CJIB clearly needed a solution. With Ledger Leopard’s help, they implemented a data sharing and privacy solution involving Zero Knowledge Proof to comply with the GDPR. For CJIB, this was a massive breakthrough that tremendously reduced their turnaround times. They no longer spend time and money chasing citizens who couldn’t pay, and only targeted willful non-payers.  

The Result

Before: It is estimated that nearly 1.4 million Dutch households have debt problems or face the risk of getting into debt. The extent of debt problems and its impact on people is worrying; this is why the Dutch government wants to help people to avoid, and get out of, debt. 

After: We developed the CJIB solution based on Self Sovereign Identity in combination with so-called Zero Knowledge Proof. Data can be shared efficiently with parties that can validate it, without having to rely on a central repository of identity data. 


  • Help people to avoid, and get out of, debt 
  • Advantages over both current manual processes and central storage locations 
  • Reduces the chance for error 

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