The first Proof of Concept for the Dutch Soil-passport

Ever thought of giving soil an “identity” through blockchain technology?

In December 2022 Ledger Leopard collaborated with the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, Brabob & Grondbank GMG on an exciting project for the Dutch Department of Waterways and Public works (Rijkswaterstaat). By combining our forces, we crreated the first proof of concept for the Dutch Soil-passport (“Bodempaspoort”) 

This passport will be used to keep track of important information, such as who has dug up how much soil, by whom it was transported, and what the characteristics of the soil are. All of this data will be stored in a shared network, which will increase trust and create a shared truth of information. By the end of this month the final PoC is ready to be tested in practice.



  • Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Secure Data Sharing
  • Single Search of Truth

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