RTI Blockchain

Introducing RTI Blockchain, a revolutionary platform that optimizes supply-chain data through the power of blockchain technology.  Our team at Ledger Leopard is proud to have brought this innovative concept to life. RTI Dashboard connects all participants in the supply chain, providing real-time insights on cargo data and enabling private, transparent information sharing. Don’t miss out on the benefits of optimizing your supply chain with RTI Dashboard.

Why the RTI Dahsboard is a necessity

The RTI Dashboard emerges as a critical solution in an environment where the current administration of load carrier systems is both time-consuming and costly. Traditional methods of managing RTIs often result in inefficiencies, double administration, and regular balance settlements, not to mention the headache of tracking lost items. RTI Blockchain’s dashboard simplifies these complexities by providing a real-time, comprehensive view of returnable transport registrations, connecting all supply chain elements in one unified platform.

The benefits

The RTI Dashboard solution offers provides various tangible benefits including:

Data Consolidation

Consolidating load carrier data into a single, accessible platform.

Reduced Administration

Reducing time spent on administration and balance settlements.

Minimized Loss

Minimizing the occurrence of lost items, saving costs for all parties involved.


Offering an intuitive interface for all supply chain stakeholders, enhancing user experience and adoption.

The role of blockchain technology​

Blockchain technology is the backbone of the RTI Dashboard, offering a secure, transparent, and immutable ledger for all transactions. This technology ensures that every transaction is uniquely signed off digitally, providing a level of security and verifiability previously unattainable. Blockchain’s decentralized nature means that data integrity is maintained, allowing only authorized parties access to sensitive information, much like a banking app provides a secure overview of transactions.

How it works

The RTI Dashboard integrates seamlessly with existing ERP systems, ensuring uniformity of information across all users. This harmonization guarantees that every stakeholder—poolers, suppliers, receivers, and shippers—has real-time access to accurate and transparent load carrier data. By facilitating a platform where all supply chain participants can manage RTIs efficiently, the RTI Dashboard paves the way for significant time and cost savings, enhancing the overall sustainability of the supply chain.

Looking ahead​

The RTI Blockchain dashboard represents a leap forward in supply chain management, offering a solution with no starting rate, licensing fee, or subscription costs. It’s an invitation to immediately begin optimizing supply chain operations with the most reliable tool available for load carrier administration.