Haerlem capital

Haerlem Capital is a private investment fund run by its three founding partners who have worked together as managers and entrepreneurs in the financial industry for decades. 

Specialised in global financial services and technology, leveraging their in-house Fintech consulting group for first-hand market insights. Our investment strategy consists in identifying winning technology, licenses, and IP assets, acquiring them at a discount to intrinsic value and actively participating in the company’s transformation for maximum returns.

The solution:

The HCX Platform is Haerlem Capital’s marketplace for digital financial instruments such as certificates of shares, corporate bonds, and fixed-income securities. Through the Platform, the financial instruments can be issued, placed, sold, and in a later phase, traded. The main use case of HCX Platform was to facilitate the issuance and placement of corporate debt and fixed-income instruments.


  • Asset Management
  • Customer Engagement
  • Trust & Efficiency

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