Identry for Mammoet

Mammoet, a giant in the construction industry, has joined forces with Ledger Leopard to introduce Identry, a groundbreaking digital solution set to redefine the verification of worker identities and certifications. Together, we’re tackling the industry’s cumbersome processes head-on, leveraging Mammoet’s vast knowledge and network to optimize Identry’s development. This collaboration not only boosts Identry’s credibility but also promises a seamless roll-out to Mammoet’s extensive network of partners, clients, and suppliers.

Why Identry is a game-changer

The construction sector grapples with the monumental task of managing worker certifications—a process fraught with inefficiency, susceptibility to fraud, and GDPR compliance risks. Mammoet’s managers found themselves dedicating around 30% of their time to cumbersome paper documentation. Identry emerges as a vital solution, streamlining identity and certification management while ensuring full regulatory compliance and significantly cutting down on administrative overhead.

The benefits of Identry

Identry offers unparalleled benefits across the board:


Gain control over certificate issuance, with the ability to update or revoke credentials effortlessly.


Enjoy a centralized digital repository for all certificates, enhancing accessibility and fraud prevention.


Experience streamlined, error-free verification processes, drastically reducing verification time from minutes to seconds.

The role of blockchain technology​

At the heart of Identry’s robustness is blockchain technology, ensuring secure, transparent, and immutable verification processes. This innovation not only simplifies compliance and certification management but also fundamentally transforms the scheduling and onboarding of workers in the construction industry.

How Identry works

  1. Digital Issuance: Certificates are issued directly to the worker’s digital wallet, enabling instant verification.
  2. Zero Knowledge Proof: Allows partial sharing of credentials, ensuring privacy and security.
  3. Quick Verification: Workers simply scan their QR code for instant access and verification, streamlining entry processes and ensuring all certifications are current and compliant.

Looking ahead​

Identry marks a new era in construction management, providing a seamless solution for the daily verification challenges faced by companies like Mammoet. With Identry, Ledger Leopard is setting a new standard for efficiency, security, and compliance in the construction industry.

Join Mammoet and Ledger Leopard in leading the construction industry into a future where worker verification is digital, secure, and efficient. Discover how Identry can transform your compliance processes today.