Dutch Soil Passport

In December 2022, Ledger Leopard embarked on a groundbreaking journey alongside the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, Brabob, and Grondbank GMG, aiming to redefine soil management for the Dutch Department of Waterways and Public Works (Rijkswaterstaat). This collaboration marked the creation of the Dutch Soil-Passport (“Bodempaspoort”), a pioneering proof of concept designed to imbue soil with a digital “identity” through blockchain technology. Proudly realizing this solution, Ledger Leopard is at the forefront of leveraging blockchain for environmental sustainability and accountability.

The Necessity

The Dutch Soil-Passport is more than an innovation; it’s a necessity for modern soil management. It addresses the critical need for transparent tracking of soil excavation, transportation, and characteristics. By digitizing this information on a blockchain, the Soil-Passport enhances efficiency, reduces paperwork, and fosters a culture of trust among all stakeholders in the soil supply chain.

The Benefits

  • Supply Chain Optimisation: Streamlines processes, reducing time and costs associated with soil management.
  • Secure Data Sharing: Ensures that sensitive information is shared securely across the network.
  • Single Source of Truth: Creates a unified and verifiable database of soil data, accessible by all authorized stakeholders.

The role of Blockchain Techonology

Blockchain technology is the cornerstone of the Dutch Soil-Passport, providing a secure, immutable ledger for all soil-related transactions. This not only ensures the integrity of the data but also facilitates a transparent and tamper-proof record-keeping system. Blockchain’s decentralized nature eliminates discrepancies and builds a foundation of trust and shared truth among participants.

How it works

The Soil-Passport operates on a shared network where each soil transaction is recorded and verified. From the moment soil is excavated to its final destination, every step is logged on the blockchain, providing real-time visibility and accountability. This digital passport is set to undergo practical testing by the end of this month, showcasing its potential to transform soil management practices.

Looking ahead

The Dutch Soil-Passport represents a significant leap forward in environmental sustainability and operational efficiency. By introducing blockchain into soil management, Ledger Leopard, along with its partners, is paving the way for a more accountable and transparent future.

In the media​

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