High-quality backend development is a crucial requirement for the success of a web application. It handles the business logic while at the same time ensuring that the front-end is well integrated and delivered, considering each project’s requirements. 
Even though the backend developer’s work is not directly visible to the users, it is extremely important to make a functional and logical web application.

Ledger Leopard provides skilled senior backend developers to our customers, that are able to work with different types of backend languages, API layers, and databases. We provide the following types of backend developers:

Scala is a programming language designed with functional principles in mind. Its type system and conciseness make it a pleasant language to work with. Scala is used by a big community all around the world, and lots of Enterprise companies use it as their basis for a solid system. Scala can be combined with a lot of frameworks and libraries which simplifies the development process even further.

Ledger Leopard has a team of senior Scala developers that has the experience to create complex backend systems using Scala and functional programming.

Node. js is widely used to create microservices for the backend and front-end of different kinds of systems. Node.js is a lightweight framework that can be used to develop different types of applications such as web applications, real-time chat applications, command line applications, REST API servers, and more.

At Ledger Leopard, we provide NodeJs development to our customers for backend requirements, as it is an easy and modern way to implement microservices-based systems.

MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL database management program. NoSQL is used as an alternative to traditional relational databases. NoSQL databases are quite useful for working with large sets of distributed data. MongoDB is a tool that can manage document-oriented information, and store or retrieve information.

Even though we understand that a MongoDB is not the solution for everything, and at Ledger Leopard, we also have experience with working with SQL databases when the solutions demand it, in most cases, we implement our solutions with a MongoDB. As a result of this, our team has broad experience in implementing scalable database solutions.

An API (application program interface) is a set of rules that enables different system parts to communicate. It defines the appropriate way for a software developer to compose a program on a server that communicates with various client applications. 

Most systems developed by Ledger Leopard are API based. This means that we have a team of experienced developers who know how to write good working well documented APIs in systems like swagger.