New Horizons

The Cirlinq project is a cooperation between VMRG (Façade association), Slimlabs (BIM expert) and Ledger Leopard.

Solution: Cirlinq provides up-to-date information about buildings, products, materials and raw materials throughout the entire life cycle. This leads to fewer surprises, lower costs and more efficient use. Moreover, product maintenance can be much more focused and efficient, which extends the lifespan and thus contributes to a circular economy.

Result: · Builds on the digital and circular strategy of organizations through project-transcending insight and connecting, enriching and structuring data 

· Increases the predictability and profitability of organizations through objective and transparent information of products and processes 

· Supports in the strategic process of organizations based on data and offers process optimization and process innovation and helps prevent errors and reduce costs 

· Contributes to high-quality reuse of products, materials and raw materials through object-related information in the form of a passport 

· Supports circular financing and new forms of ownership by uniquely identifying products, materials and raw materials 

· Minimized risk by predicting, preventing and managing risks with immediate insight into priorities at company, project and product level 

· Connects producers and suppliers to their products and offers new and better services for products.


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