Microbiome Center

Microbiome Center NL is a healthcare organization in the Netherlands who used Ledger Leopard’s blockchain-as-a-service to cut down on onerous paperwork.  

Previously, they had to get any exchange of medical information authorized on paper, making it difficult to deliver high-quality care quickly. Frustrated with paperwork clogging the entire healthcare process, the Director of the Microbiome Center NL, Henk Duinkerken, decided to do something no healthcare organization has ever done. 

Using Ledger Leopard’s expertise, he created a tamper-proof blockchain network on which medical data were securely recorded. Patients could now grant doctors and pharmacists permission to access their medical data, and doctors could propose personalized treatment plans to their patients. Once patients agree to their treatment plans, pharmacists dispense the medication. With insurance approvals and payments smoothly integrated into the process, MicroBiome finally ensured that patients get the necessary treatment without moving mountains of paperwork.  


  • Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Secure Data Sharing
  • Efficiency

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