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A leading and award-winning blockchain company with an international reach.

Cut down on redundant paperwork that causes delays and impacts your productivity. Eliminate misunderstandings over errors and conflicting data. Build trust and security by ensuring all involved parties have access to the same up-to-date documents in an information chain.

Our mission Others talk. We deliver.

Ledger Leopard is a leading and award-winning blockchain company with international reach. We deliver custom-built decentralized applications and pay-per-use API services to healthcare organizations, government agencies, law firms, and businesses in multiple industries. Our long-term and sustainable solution gives you the ability to create unalterable data to securely share with all of your stakeholders, and to give your customers a chance to consent whether their data can be used.

Ledger Leopard is a collective of global experts, brought together by a single passion for disrupting industries with blockchain technology.

Olivier Rikken


Jeroen van Megchelen


Wouter Franke

Domein Expert

Ivory Wegman

HR Business Partner

Crys Nguyen

Head of Brand & Design

Bob Muller


Raoul Esseboom

Business Development

Jack Bakker

Business Development Partner

Jouke Langhout

Business Development Partner

Rick Buis

Senior Product Owner

Michael Barends


Artem Gorev

Lead Developer

Sergey Brazhnik

Lead Mobile Developer

Timofey Bobkov

DevOps Architect

Vinod Satapara

Solution Architect

Ilya Yudin

Lead Developer

Alexey Kryazhev

Senior Javascript Developer

Ilya Zashkalov

Mobile Developer

Nikolay Neverov


Anna Goreva


Martha Kharitonova

QA Engineer

Olga Zaytseva

QA Engineer

Jignesh Aakoliya

Lead Developer

Krunal Patel

Lead Developer

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