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We provide cutting-edge blockchain & Web3 solutions.


Since 2017, we’ve been helping both start-ups and established

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We provide cutting-edge blockchain & Web3 solutions.

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We are a Scale-up growing into a Grown-up

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We execute on building practical solutions daily

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Ledger Leopard is a collective of global experts, brought together by a single passion for disrupting industries with blockchain technology.

Richard van Lent

Jeroen van Megchelen

Olivier Rikken

Rick Buis

Crys Nguyen

Bob Muller

Steven van Hekelen

Jelle de Jong

Zoë van den Elshout

Jeroen Mars

Casper Thalen

Kim Hubregtse

Hanan Fellah

Michael Barends

Artem Gorev

Sergey Brazhnik

Timofey Bobkov

Vinod Satapara

Ilya Yudin

Alexey Kryazhev

Olga Zaytseva

Nirav Kukadiya

Jignesh Aakoliya

Krunal Patel

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How can blockchain support the energy transition?

Blockchain provides a new way of sharing information. Think of it as a decentralised digital ledger that records transactions and stores information, from financial transactions to medical records and assets like property.

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Secured digital identity verification systems.
Building any type of digital wallet.
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