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Embrace the power of blockchain technology with disruptive solutions that differentiate your healthcare organization in the new economy.

Ledger Leopard provides the tools that create digital trust, transparency to the client and the organization, and improved security to processes by securely connecting current and future technologies, making sure you are ready for Web3.

Strong Identity & Access Management (IAM) is crucial in healthcare for insurance liability risks, regulatory compliance, and trust-building with clients. With Identry IAM for healthcare, you ensure that only authorized personnel has access to sensitive information, minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency.

Blockchain-based document passports and verifiable credentials offer a secure and immutable solution to manage and share sensitive medical records and ensure patient data privacy.

Streamline your processes with our cutting-edge solutions. Our technology ensures compliance and reduces the risk of fraud, saving you time and money.

Future-proof your healthcare organization with us and be ready for the coming regulations and requirements while eliminating risks and ensuring patient data privacy.

Enabling inclusive care with the power of blockchain.

Success story healthcare

Ledger Leopard developed a cutting-edge healthcare solution using web3 technology that revolutionized supply chain processes in the healthcare industry. The solution implemented smart contracts to automate the supply chain processes between service suppliers, customers, and insurance companies, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined workflow.

The implementation of the blockchain-based system allowed for increased transparency and security in the supply chain. Service suppliers were required to log every event of the supply chain process as hashes on the blockchain. All agreements regarding for example product definitions and pricing, where added to smart contracts, which ensured that all parties had access to the same information. The blockchain technology also made it impossible for any unauthorized changes to be made to the records, ensuring that the supply chain processes were tamper-proof.

As a result of this technology, the healthcare industry experienced a significant reduction in costs. The automation of the supply chain processes resulted in fewer errors and a decrease in the amount of time spent on manual labor. This meant that service suppliers could focus more on providing high-quality healthcare services, resulting in improved quality of healthcare services.

In addition, the Ledger Leopard solution allowed for users within the supply chain to own wallets where they received tokens as a settlement for the services they provided. These tokens were confirmed by the customers, which helped to ensure that service providers were properly and in real time compensated for their work. This innovative optimization of the payment and transaction process helped to improve transparency in the healthcare industry, which led to increased trust between all parties involved.

The success of the Ledger Leopard solution has helped to set a new standard in the healthcare industry, proving that blockchain technology can be an effective tool for improving supply chain processes. By implementing this solution, healthcare providers can save money and time while still providing high-quality services to their patients.

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