Cryptographic experts

A cryptographic expert is responsible for designing and implementing the encryption of private and sensitive information in systems. Our experts design and write the encryption code needed for data security and use exceptionally complex and advanced encryption algorithms that keep external aggressors out.

The goal of the services that our experts provide is to make the areas of secrecy, authenticity, integrity, and reliability as comprehensive as possible. It is the goal of an expert to ensure transmission security, integrity, and reliability of data. 

Our cryptographic experts analyze your challenges, and design and implement an appropriate cryptosystem.

Security experts

A penetration test is a form of a security assessment performed to identify, exploit and help eliminate vulnerabilities that reside across an organization’s on-premises and remote IT environments. 

Our team of security experts plays an important role in securing and optimizing your information systems, apps, and web applications. By monitoring, detecting, investigating, analyzing, and responding to security events, our security specialists protect your systems from cybersecurity risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. As a result of our services, we will provide you with a report with our findings and possible solutions to guarantee the safety of your systems for your valuable users. 

Verifiable credential experts

Verifiable credentials (VCs) are a W3C-acknowledged open standard for digital credentials. They can represent information found in physical credentials, such as a passport or license, as well as new things that have no physical equivalent, such as ownership of a bank account. They have numerous advantages over physical credentials, most notably that they’re digitally signed, which makes them tamper-resistant and instant verifiable. Our verifiable credentials help our customers in designing and implementing verifiable credentials solutions. 

Wallet experts

A crypto wallet is in practice a user interface that allows the user to query cryptocurrency’s underlying blockchain for information, receive funds from other users, and send funds to others by writing transactions to the blockchain. Besides cryptocurrencies, a wallet can also hold verifiable credentials, from which the signatures can be checked from the blockchain for authenticity. Our team of wallet experts has experience in developing wallets and complete SDKs for use on a mobile device or a server. We have knowledge of wallets for multiple platforms and use cases, like crypto and identity.

Digital identity experts

Digital identity is the digital representation of the physical you. This means your online identity can be used to perform daily tasks, such as accessing your bank account or identifying yourself at the airport. When used in the right way, a trusted digital identity can also improve security and streamline identity and authentication processes. Even the European Union is now preparing the launch of the European wallet, the E-Wallet. The digital identity team of Ledger Leopard assisted a lot of customers in exploring and implementing end-to-end digital identity solutions for multiple use cases.

Blockchain experts

Our group of blockchain experts supports you in the adoption of blockchain technology within your organization. Our blockchain experts have extended knowledge of how all blockchain platforms function, master the programming language and can integrate corporate blockchain solutions into existing business processes. Ledger Leopard works with blockchain technology from the early beginning and has a proven track record of production implementations that have proven added value for our customers and their users.

Token & Digital Asset Experts

Cryptocurrencies are making a huge impact on our society these days, and are actively traded and mined by a variety of users all over the world. Our team of token and crypto experts has in-depth knowledge of how cryptocurrency trading works and what are the right blockchain platforms for every demand. Our experts understand cryptography and have strong technical abilities. They examine the behavior and volatility in the cryptocurrency market and provide insights that help in business. Besides the trading knowledge, we also have experience in smart contracts and how to launch your own crypto.

Smart contract experts

A smart contract developer is a skilled professional who understands and knows what Smart Contracts are and how to efficiently program them for any Blockchain platform that is a smart contract based. There are many programming languages for creating smart contracts such as Solidity (the most popular), Vyper, etc. A smart contract developer has two main responsibilities. Creating safe and secure smart contracts and creating smart contracts that consume less gas.

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