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How we engage?

Our clients are forward-thinking companies offering a wide range of services, all of whom have their sights set firmly on the future. These include financial services, healthcare, insurance, content providers, and identity solutions, to name a few.

When new clients approach us, they all have something in common - they all want to set themselves apart in their industry by becoming a frontrunner when it comes to adopting innovative methods leveraging the latest technology. We’re here to make that happen for them.

In order to proceed, we must first develop a better understanding of you and your business’ needs and challenges. That way, we can explore suitable solutions using a multi-faceted approach with clear qualifications.


Understanding you and your business

Understanding you and your business

The first step in any fruitful relationship is getting to know each other better; at Ledger Leopard, we take that very seriously. We want to hear from you what your business’ current challenges, priorities, and needs are in your daily operations. The better we understand your current way of working and how your business functions, the better we’ll be able to determine the perfect solution for you. What do you see as potential areas of improvement, either qualitatively or quantitatively, or improving your competitiveness in general?

Once we have a thorough understanding of your current way of working and what your goals are, we can better assess whether implementing Web3 solutions is the right fit for your business. And if so, which solutions, in particular, will likely result in the most significant improvements?

Using the following nine key questions, we aim to determine the viability and practicality of Web3 technology for your business and your operational process:

  1. Does your process require multiple (untrusted) parties?
  2. Does your process demand high levels of compliance?
  3. Does your process involve centrally stored personal data?
  4. Does your data face quality & consistency challenges?
  5. Does your process deal with bureaucratic challenges?
  6. Does your process involve fragmented authentication methods?
  7. Does your process require cross-referencing credentials?
  8. Does your process involve privacy or regulatory oversights?
  9. Does your process involve process automation?

Capturing your requirements

Capturing your requirements

Now that we’ve gotten to know each other and identified potential viable Web3 solutions that’ll result in cost reduction, efficiency gains, or increased customer experience -  it’s time to bring in our experts on the matter to pinpoint requirements, compliance challenges, and application scenarios. In this step, we’ll conduct a pragmatic report and proper analysis detailing exactly how the proposed Web3 solutions are to be implemented. Here we start making moves towards visualizing your ideas and our solutions to make them tangible.

Ledger Leopard uses a two-step process: analysis and visualization. We turn your ideas with potential into a rudimentary clickable demo accompanied by a concise report outlining the benefits of implementing the proposed technologies. This combination is non-negotiable.

Be warned: sometimes we have to sell ‘no’. Despite our strong belief in Web3 and all its potential, occasionally, it’s simply not feasible or practical to implement into your business model. We’re just being honest; this tech is not for everyone - and that’s fine too. However, if it’s a match - then you’ll have all the graphs, charts, and visuals to sway your board of directors and go full steam ahead!


Designing a clickable demo

Designing a clickable demo
Okay, so you've had one of our workshops and you're already tweeted to share your great learning experience. Thanks! If you’re interested into continuing working with us this is probably because you see potential for cost reduction, efficiency gains or increased customer experience that has been identified and would like an expert opinion on the matter. Going from ‘This very well might work!’ to a pragmatic report with proper analysis detailing exactly how your Web3 solution could work is what we do in this step. From ‘identified potential’ to a ‘clickable demo’ visualizing your ideas and making them tangible. A Ledger Leopard’s exploration of potential is, by definition, a two-step process: analysis and visualization. We start with taking your ideas that might harness some potential and we and with a clickable demo with accompanying concise report of what the technology could mean for you. This combination is non-negotiable. We demand thinking long and hard about improving your situation and we will capture our findings. Also, we insist to make it visual for you to easily understand and share our findings with others. Be warned: we do sell ‘no’. While we strongly believe in Web3 and all of its potential and disruptive powers, the outcome of this step too can be that either the identified potential turns out to be not really there or just not feasibly or impractical to put together. That’s fine too. However, if you are one of the lucky few for which early adoption is a good idea, then you have all the graphs, charts and visuals you need to seduce your board of directors of your idea and approach.
Sample clickable demo

Build & implement

Build & implement

It’s time to start writing some actual code and start actually developing the agreed-upon Web3 solution for your business. In this step we move past all the research, analyses, reports, demos and visualizations - now we actually build it!

We’ll take it from here; our expert Web3 development team has got this. You can sit back and expect a bi-weekly meeting and progress report while our ace team of developers works tirelessly to make your dreams come true.

Using all the approved visuals, analysis documents, and reports the Ledger Leopard developers start to plan, then design and finally develop the product. Getting your approval and implementing feedback every step of the way before testing to perfection until a viable product is ready!


Operate & maintain

Operate & maintain
Now that your solution has been successfully developed and integrated you can start reaping the benefits of being future-proof. If for whatever reason something needs to be tweaked or upgraded - we’re here for you!
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We’re pleased that you’re trying to keep ahead of the game! We have C-level educational workshops geared towards different audiences and industries. We highly recommend you to start with one of those. Besides that, this is a minor investment and we have made an effort to make them fun also. They’re informative and interactive.

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