Source code is the collection of computer instructions, often written in high-level programming languages, that defines how software operates. In blockchain, it can be open source, allowing public access and collaborative development, or proprietary, kept private by its creators.

Understanding Source Code in Blockchain

Imagine the backbone of any software — that’s the source code. It’s the human-readable instructions that tell a program how to function. In blockchain, the source code is the script of the entire system.

Source Code vs Open Source

Now, source code can be a bit of a digital chameleon — it can be open for all to see and contribute to, or it can be proprietary, kept under wraps by its creators.

With open source, transparency reigns. Users can peer into the code, tweak it, and even help evolve it, provided there’s a consensus. It’s a community affair, where creativity thrives and blockchain technology grows stronger and more secure through collective oversight.