JOMO, or Joy of Missing Out, refers to the satisfaction felt when one avoids participating in unwise crypto investments, particularly during market downturns.

Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO) Meaning

Joy of missing out (JOMO) describes a feeling of relief experienced by crypto enthusiasts who avoid investing in a plummeting coin or trade. It’s the opposite of the well-known FOMO—fear of missing out.

Understanding JOMO in the Cryptocurrency Realm

JOMO arises when individuals feel contentment for not engaging in the often frenetic crypto market. The volatility of this market can lead to rapid and significant price changes, creating a breeding ground for FOMO among investors. However, those who refrain from following the crowd—sometimes referred to as ‘no-coiners’—may feel JOMO during market downturns.

What Triggers JOMO Among Crypto Investors?

Investors who prioritize their own analysis over market hype tend to experience JOMO, especially when they witness a hyped cryptocurrency’s value plummet after a period of excessive speculation.