Leopard Lessons – Identity | Webinar #1

14 February 2020 in Webinar

The need for identity solutions will grow exponentially in the coming years. The quicker our digital economy grows, the faster companies need to move. The first monthly Ledger Lepard webinar will be all about Self-Sovereign Identity with our first guest of the Leopard Lessons series: Jimmy J.P. Snoek from Tykn B.V. and Sebastiaan van der Lans from WordProof.io.

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24 November 2020 in Webinar

Leopard Lessons – Cooperation in the chain on sustainable care | Webinar #6

BE-BETTER is convinced and has proven that this can be done differently and advocates better cooperation in the chain to achieve sustainable care. During our last webinar, we discussed how the national (youth) care organization Pluryn improves collaboration in the chain with municipalities, clients (families), and other care providers through innovative chain solutions. Our partner …

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Webninar Be-Better
27 October 2020 in Webinar

Leopard Lessons – Optimize Chain Collaboration Municipalities, Care Organizations & Citizens | Webinar #5

We hope you enjoy the webinar! If you still have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by clicking this button:

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