The New Identity Standard – Self Sovereign Identity Webinar #11

22 March 2021 in Identity , Webinar

People who use the internet unconsciously leave behind a lot of breadcrumbs (data). Third parties pick these breadcrumbs, who link this data to unique digital identities, which often make money from it.

It is time for citizens to regain control of their data and to be able to operate autonomously on the internet.

Self-Sovereign Identity ensures that users immediately become owners of their own data and gives them the option to share this data without a third party’s intervention.

Jacob Boersma of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC):

“At SSI, people are central. SSI is a form of identity verification that allows the end-user (citizen, consumer, customer) to determine what is shared. It, therefore, offers more privacy and is more user-friendly than existing central systems.”

During this webinar, we will discuss how Self Sovereign Identities can ensure that:

• People gain more control over their own Digital Identity.

• People can more easily share their personal data.

• People can make personal claims.

This webinar is hosted by our CEO & renowned international speaker Olivier Rikken, who has more than five years of experience in the blockchain sector.

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