Self-sovereign identity in the Netherlands – Webinar #14

22 June 2021 in Webinar

In the field of technology, we are well on the way: Self-Sovereign Identity allows citizens to independently manage their data, share it, and also withdraw it in shared data. In Europe, a European Self-Sovereign Identity Framework is being built.

What can Dutch companies, but also citizens and the government expect from these developments and how should they deal with them?

The technologies behind SSI allow residents and entrepreneurs to manage their data online themselves. This allows them not only to decide for themselves what happens with that data but also to control which data is shared with whom.

In addition, SSI also ensures that the verification that this data is correct and up-to-date without disclosing unnecessary information to the receiving party. This makes sharing data safer and faster.

During this webinar we will discuss how the Dutch Blockchain Coalition contributes to setting up an ecosystem in which the government, companies, and citizens can share their data efficiently and in a privacy-friendly way using:

• Distributed Systems

• Secure & Privacy-Friendly Applications

• Open & Transparent infrastructures

This webinar is hosted by our CEO & renowned international speaker Olivier Rikken, who has more than six years of experience in the blockchain sector.

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Andre de Kok: ‘People, and trust in people, are central to Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)’ During this webinar, we will discuss how the National Office for Identity Data wants to give citizens more control over their personal data and contribute to maintaining a reliable digital identity.

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A GDPR Compliant digital safe for citizens – Self Sovereign Identity Webinar #12

The CJIB collects fines, enforces other measures, and ensures that penalties imposed by the judge are carried out quickly and adequately. Citizens who do not pay the fine will receive a reminder a maximum of two times. The amount to be paid increases with each reminder. How can government organizations exchange information within the legal …

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