Meet the Devs – Sergey Brazhnik

18 August 2020 in Ledger Leopard

We live in a society in which information and the processing of information play an increasingly important role. Our economy is changing from a money-based economy to a data-based economy. Data needs to be organized and processed in the correct ways. But before you can organize data, you have to be able to build platforms and infrastructures that can collect data. The people responsible for organizing data, building infrastructures, and the build of platforms that make it possible to process all that data are software developers: the true artist and constructors of our digital society.
Good developers are highly in demand and get scooped quickly up by tech companies with a competitive salary package.
Developers are the modern artist of today. With a simple line of code, they can create art.
In this ‘Meet the Devs’ series, we will shine our light on the artists of Ledger Leopard: the software developers.

Sergey Brazhnik

Interview with Sergey Brazhnik, Lead developer for Ledger Leopard. Sergey owns a Master’s degree in Computer Science, graduated with honor.

“I don’t think a lot of people are realizing it, but this technology has the possibility to change our society as we know it.”

Name: Sergey Brazhnik
Function: Lead Developer
Education: Vladimir State University,
Degrees, certificates: Master’s degree in Computer Science. Graduated with honor.
Degrees, certificates: Graduated as a fluent interpreter
Special powers: Responsibility and communicability
Coding skills and languages: Swift, Java, JavaScript

As a lead and Mobile developer, what are your responsibilities?
As a lead and mobile developer, my primary role is to arrange all technical requirements, priorities, tasks, and communication channels. If I’d put it differently, most of my time is spent translating the needs of the human business into a technical language. It’s a bit like being an architect! After setting up a framework, I’ll explain this to my team, so they can start building. This also means that I don’t do a lot of actual coding myself. I only do this when there’s enough time left.

What is your experience in building blockchain solutions?
To be honest, I don’t have a lot of experience in conventional blockchain systems such as the well-known Ethereum or Bitcoin. My first experience in blockchain was with Hyperledger Indy SSI blockchain. It’s a proper SSI platform, which, I would say, is one of the best of its kind.

What do you consider to be the most essential technology solutions in the last decade?
Well, obviously, I consider Bitcoin as the most important one! I’m a true believer in this technology, and I think that one day people will find a way to make this technology stable, which will make certain aspects of life much easier for many people. I would, for example, get my morning coffee with a few Satoshis.

What impact will blockchain solutions have on society?
I don’t think a lot of people realize it, but this technology can change our society as we know it. As an example, I hope (and expect) that during elections, one day, I’ll be able to vote for my preferred candidate by only using a mobile application connected to a blockchain.
Another essential and straightforward benefit of blockchain is the ability to control your transactions’ validity and the ability to share your transactional information with whoever, whenever, and wherever you want. In the end, this will change the complete landscape of the current transaction behavior, in my opinion.

What is the book (or books) that would recommend most to others?
So my very first experience with programming language was in ‘C.’ I worked as an embedded programmer for Linux microcontrollers, where I learned how important it was to have a basic understanding of the language. Therefore I strongly recommend reading about this language. It isn’t straightforward but will build fundamental knowledge for a starting developer. I’m pretty sure that any programmer should know how to deal with memory and how to understand the concept of ‘pointers,’ for example.

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