Meet the Devs – Michael Barends

09 November 2020 in Ledger Leopard

We live in a society in which information and the processing of information play an increasingly important role. Our economy is changing from a money-based economy to a data-based economy. Data needs to be organized and processed in the correct ways. But before you can organize data you have to be able to build platforms and infrastructures that can collect data. The people responsible for organizing data, building infrastructures, and the build of platforms that make it possible to process all that data are software developers: the true artist and constructors of our digital society.

Good developers are highly in demand and get scooped quickly up by tech companies with a competitive salary package.

Developers are the modern artist of today. With a simple line of code, they are able to create.

In this ‘Meet the Devs’ series we will shine our light on the true artists of Ledger Leopard: the software developers.

Michael Barends - Meet The Devs

Name: Michael Barends
Function: Developer
Education: Hogeschool van Amsterdam HBO Informatica.
Special powers:
Coding skills and languages: C# , HTML/CSS/JavaScript/typescript, .Net (MVC/core/Framework), SQL

As a developer, what are your responsibilities?

The primary responsibility is writing and implementing efficient and testable code that meets the specified requirements within the estimated time.

But before we can write code, we have a meeting with the customer to determine what new features or changes they want. After that, we make some technical specifications and requirements and estimate the time to implement the different features and/or changes. Once we have cleared out how much time and work it will take, we communicate that with our client. And that’s when the fun starts!

From that moment on, we are continuously communicating with the client and discussing priorities. After that is settled, we chop the specifications into small tasks that can be developed individually.

As soon as a feature or change is done, and I have tested it in my environment, I deploy it to the QA environment so the customer and/or the QA can test it. If you want to learn more about the function of a QA read the blog of Anna;). Most of the time, the customer has some feedback or questions that I need to answer or fix.

Just like most developer teams, we work in sprints. When a sprint is finished, we pick a release date with the customer. I am responsible for the deployment and will check if everything went according to plan.

We consider development as one of the most important tasks today. Do you agree on this matter, and can you explain why?

Yes! Software is everywhere in our modern-day society. Pc’s phone’s, tv’s, cars and even doorbells nowadays contain Software. I also believe the current pandemic has shown how software development can often make lives easier. You can order food from your pc/phone, have online meetings, or stream your favorite show. It all runs on Software and, therefore, on development.

Another example of the importance or development occurred this summer. I had some weird blistering on my hands, so I took a few pictures and sent it through a web application to my doctor to diagnose the problem without having to go to the doctor and sit there waiting. That made me realize that with Software we can really make the lives of people easier. Which of course makes me happy!

What is your experience development?

Leones junior developer


Asp developer of “knowledge reef”. Which was an application to support the sharing of information/knowledge and documents by several GGD/GGZ organizations.

NetSourcing/Ram-IT Software Developer


.net / SharePoint developer. Developed different intranets/WebApps for customers. I also developed an internal application to provision and invoice accounts/products/application rights that customers ordered.

Ledger Leopard Software Developer


Developing and maintaining a variety of applications(web/mobile/blockchain).

What do you consider to be the most crucial technology solutions for the last decade?

That’s a hard question! Technology advanced so much in the past decade.

If I look at my parents, I would say the iPad/tablet.

My mom would never sit behind a pc or look at a small smartphone, but since she has a tablet, she also joined the digital world.

But if I look overall, I would say 4G! With fast upload and download speed, people can fastly hop on the internet from site to site. But imagine how we would surf the internet without 4G/fast mobile internet. The internet speed makes it possible for us to use various applications simultaneously whenever we want to!

I’ve heard that you like to play games! What type of development skills did you gain from gaming?

Haha, yes, that’s true. I used to play many games in the past! Mostly shooters or MMO’s or single-player RPG. But for the past 2 years, I did not play anymore. It probably has something to do with my age ;). Now I am older, I just know my priorities better. If I would but in the same amount of time in gaming as I used to, I would not have the time to do my job correctly and take care of my puppy!

But to answer your question, I don’t think I learned any specific skills that have helped me to be a better coder. For me, gaming was always more about socializing with people all over the world. I have met some great people during those years who even became my friends! We still meet once every two years. Maybe gaming did teach me how to communicate with people who live on the other side of the planet!

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