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21 May 2020 in Ledger Leopard

We live in a society in which information and the processing of information play an increasingly important role. Our economy is changing from a money-based economy to a data-based economy. Data needs to be organized and processed in the correct ways. But before you can organize data, you have to be able to build platforms and infrastructures that can collect data. The people responsible for organizing data, building infrastructures, and the build of platforms that make it possible to process all that data are software developers: the true artist and constructors of our digital society.
Good developers are highly in demand and get scooped quickly up by tech companies with a competitive salary package.
Developers are the modern artist of today. With a simple line of code, they can create art.
In this ‘Meet the Devs’ series, we will shine our light on the artists of Ledger Leopard: the software developers.

Meet the devs Artem Gorev

Interview, Artem Gorev

In this interview, we will speak with Ledger leopards lead Developer, a Ph.D. candidate, and computer science Master degree owner: Artem Gorev. For some developers, coding is “work.” For Artem, coding is his great life passion. 
“I have been working at Ledger Leopard right from the start, and I love my job.”

Name: Artem Gorev
Function: Lead Developer
Education: Vladimir State University
Degrees, certificates: Master’s degree in Computer Science and a Ph.D. candidate.
Special powers: Making things simple.
Coding skills and languages: JavaScript. 

As a lead developer, what are your responsibilities?

My primary responsibility is that I need to write and maintain code. Being a Lead developer is not just being a developer. As a lead developer, I have to communicate and support the various teams in setting up complex technical architectures. So it also requires some management skills as I need to lead and make sure that all right steps are taken during the building phase. During the development of a project, I have to be in contact with customers and to make sure we are on the right track, and sometimes I even have to resolve conflicts when developers fight 😆. But most of the time I’m just a representation of my team at meetings with businesses.

What is your experience in building blockchain solutions?

We started building blockchain systems several years ago. At first, we started with the Ethereum blockchain, where we have created several projects for the Healthcare sector. After building on Ethereum, we knew we had to discover and understand other blockchain systems, so we started with Sovrin, which helped us build Self-Sovereign Identity solutions. I knew how everything worked, I knew the borders, and I knew how to map this technology for business needs. With the build of these solutions, we learned so much that the next, to build our blockchain, was a no-brainer.

What do you consider to be the most important technology solutions in the last decade?

Every human being wants things in life to be easy and straightforward. No one wants to stand by and wait for their documents. Nobody wants to wait a month for their salary, and nobody wants to go through the hassle of filling in your tax return the correct way.
With the use of blockchain systems, we can simplify many of these cumbersome processes and get rid of a lot of physical documents. I can already see how blockchains are changing people’s lives for the better with the solutions we have build.

What impact will blockchain solutions have on society?

As stated before, we will make a lot of cumbersome processes, easy and straightforward for people. But society doesn’t need to think about blockchain solutions. They need excellent services. Some crypto geeks use bitcoins or Ether for payments, but the rest of society have never even heard about Ether, let alone know how to use this specific blockchain.

There are many solutions that can help people get things done in a more user-friendly way, based on blockchain. We did some projects where we use a blockchain, but the users don’t even know that blockchain is the underlying technology. In this case, a blockchain is just a tool that can improve a solution, improve security, add transparency, and history control.

I’ve heard that you always walk around with a book in your hands. What is the book (or books) that would recommend most to others?

Haha, that’s true. I read a lot of technical books. Currently, I took a deep dive into OWASP. It’s an online community that produces a lot of articles, documentation, and tutorials about web applications. Sometimes it’s a real horror, which shows how to break solutions. I will definitely recommend everyone involved in Information Technology to read and learn more about this topic. When reading, you will be surprised how many times you will learn something new regarding security.

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