Meet the Devs – Anna Goreva

22 September 2020 in Ledger Leopard

We live in a society in which information and the processing of information play an increasingly important role. Our economy is changing from a money-based economy to a data-based economy. Data needs to be organized and processed in the correct ways. But before you can organize data, you have to be able to build platforms and infrastructures that can collect data. The people responsible for organizing data, building infrastructures, and the build of platforms that make it possible to process all that data are software developers: the true artist and constructors of our digital society.
Good developers are highly in demand and get scooped quickly up by tech companies with a competitive salary package.
Developers are the modern artist of today. With a simple line of code, they can create art.
In this ‘Meet the Devs’ series, we will shine our light on the artists of Ledger Leopard: the software developers.

Meet the Devs - Anna Goreva

Interview with Anna Goreva, Front- and backend Developer for Ledger Leopard. She also fulfills the role of a QA specialist and Project Manager. She graduated in Information Systems and Technologies. 

Blockchain promotes globalization, where people from different parts of the world can interact without restrictions.

Name: Anna Goreva 
Function: Frontend developer, backend developer, QA specialist, project manager. 
Education: Vladimir State University 
Degrees: Bachelor of Information Systems and Technologies 
Special powers: I think I can get literally everything done with Google and a bit of time 🙂 
Coding skills and languages: JS, .NET 

So Anna, what exactly is a QA? 
By this I mean: someone who performs all the manual testing of the product required within the team, and is also exposed to test code. Are we building the correct product, and if so, are we building it correctly? Someone who consistently questions all parts of the process to ensure the team is producing the desired output. QAs write test code to verify higher-level integration scenarios driven via the UI, e.g. using web driver to exercise page content and verifying that the user ends up on the right page with the correct text/message/values. What is important to note is that a QA has a fundamental understanding of each of the team’s roles and, as such, is a ‘generalist by trade’. They require this broad understanding of the roles to understand how projects and their products are progressing and, as a result, provide feedback on practices or processes that could be improved. Above all, QAs inform the team about whether the product under development is what the customer wants.  

As a frontend and backend developer, what are your responsibilities? 
As a developer, my main task is, of course, coding. But by being a developer, you have many more responsibilities besides coding. For example, I study the documentation about future tasks, decompose them, and give project managers time estimations about them. After understanding the task’s idea, I create components and pass them to other development team members so that they can check on the coding style. As soon as everything is ready, the task is going to testing stands for QAs. I fix bugs, and when QA thinks the functionality looks good, we pass it on to the customer. 

But for me, there is no significant difference between frontend and backend development when you are experienced on both sides. The only difference is that in frontend development, you see the result immediately. I also managed two small projects at Ledger Leopard, which was my first experience after graduating from university. At the start, I established the development processes, so all team members would know what work had to be done. Also, I was making decisions about new parts of the project and how they could be accomplished. I answered many questions and made many decisions. For example, I contacted our product owner and translated requirements to “developer language”. Additionally, I kept records about functionality. I think it’s really cool to see your project grow along the ride.   

What is your experience in building blockchain solutions? 
My first experience with blockchain was at university, for my graduation thesis. Here I highlighted the problems and downsides of using blockchain. I also talked about the importance of authenticity in education documents. In that line, I created a prototype of a system that stored information about education documents (diplomas, graduation works, certificates) in blockchain and could show whether a document is authentic. This could be used, for example, when people apply for a new job. 

Then, in Ledger Leopard, this work helped me to take part in a cool project about creating blockchain networks. We implemented a web application, which can create a blockchain network in some simple steps and it allows you to monitor it and deploy smart contracts. Thinking of this specific case makes me very happy. It’s my pride.  

What do you consider to be the most important technology solutions of the last decade? 
I think that one of the most crucial technological solutions for the last decade is internet payment and the easiness to use it. Ten years ago, I couldn’t imagine life without paper money. And now, I’m using cashless payments literally everywhere. I can buy something on a website, and it will be delivered anywhere I want. I can order a taxi and pay automatically on my phone. I can pay utility bills without paper receipts and visiting banks. I think it’s a big step, and especially a significant benefit during the current COVID-19 situation! 

What impact will blockchain solutions have on society? 
Blockchain promotes globalization, where people from different parts of the world can interact without restrictions. Just see the Bitcoin and its wild popularity. Also, blockchain solutions may give us more safety and trust, by providing others verified information about you in any desired aspect of life. For example, you can share your obtained certificates when wanting to study or work abroad. Or you can even make your vaccination list known when travelling. And the best thing is that you can share facts like these automatically if you want, just clicking on a button.  

Yes, simply said, blockchain is just a solution for storing data, but I think that it’s way more than that and that it will be a technology that will grow to improve several parts of our life.  

I’ve heard that just like the rest of the team you are a big reader and always travel with books. What is the book (or books) that would recommend most to others? 
Haha, you were misled! That I love to read is true, but I’m always reading e-books for that matter! People who don’t know me that well, always think I’m obsessed with my phone, while I’m then actually reading an e-book on it. What I like to read the most is fiction. The last books that amazed me were “The Help” by Kethrin Stockett and “City of Girls” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I like books that empower or are written by strong women. These books motivate me, make me feel stronger, and sometimes even help me to overcome obstacles!  

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