Ledger Lessons – Privacy by Design | Podcast #1

04 May 2020 in Success Stories

Welcome to our first Leopard Lessons Podcast series! In this episode, we’re going to focus on the importance of Privacy By Design. We’ll dive into the meaning of privacy, the importance of privacy by design, and the dangers of the absence of privacy.

We’re happy to bring you along our journey as we interview thought leaders from multiple parts of innovative technologies that are bound to shape our future.

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Privacy by design Podcast Ledger Leopaed
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19 November 2020 in Success Stories

Creating Interactive Content

Together we recently launched our first interactive show with 4000+ live participants. The watchers could actively vote, answer true or false questions, select multiple choice answers, and much more.  Our systems were tested with 200K test users, which means that there is a lot of room for even more significant events. Soon we’re going to …

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Interactive content
20 August 2020 in Blockchain , Healthcare , Success Stories

How blockchain is changing the healthcare sector

The government has taken a number of measures so that municipalities can properly carry out their new duties. Such as: Less regulatory burden for residents. This means that the rules must be as simple as possible and residents with complex problems can go to one point of contact. Money flowing to municipalities for tasks in …

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Changing healthcare sector

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