Asset management

Optimize asset management with full transparency to ensure product authenticity and prevent counterfeiting.

Asset management solution Create a transparent and counterfeit-proof supply chain

Eliminate misunderstandings and conflicts over different information from different sources. Ensure everyone has access to the same information from the same source, use a decentralized blockchain ledger to store irrefutable and tamper-proof data.

Eliminating back-and-forths in real estate deals

In the real estate industry, there are multiple players involved in renting, selling, and maintenance of a building: landlords, tenants, real estate agents, notaries, and contractors. LOEK! used Ledger Leopard’s blockchain solution to enable all parties to share data with each other without so many back-and-forths. All pieces of information about a building including contracts, technical data, maintenance logs, inspection reports were stored in a way that made it easier for all stakeholders to cooperate and trust each other. All information remains irrefutable and all parties would be aware of every change to each document.

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