How MicroBiome eliminated mountains of paperwork

01 June 2019 in Success Stories
Microbiome Blockchain

’Blockchain prevents piles of unnecessary paper’

Henk Duinkerken

Exchanging medical and personal information is a sensitive matter. Patients must be able to assume that their data is exchanged safely and will not be (unintentionally) altered. This was an important reason for Henk Duinkerken, Director of the Microbiome Center NL, to opt for the blockchain solution from Ledger Leopard. In 2017 Duinkerken started a network between patients, scientists, doctors, pharmacists and laboratories to improve intestinal health by enabling personalized microbiome treatment.

The health of your intestines determines to a large extent how you feel. If the bacterial collection in the intestines (the microbiome) is not in balance, it can lead to various medical complaints. That said, the knowledge on this subject was limited until only a few years ago and was anything but usable. “Doctors simply did not know what to do with it, and also patients knew nothing about it.” says Duinkerken.

No traditional clinic

That knowledge gap gave the founders the idea to start a network between patients, GPs, pharmacists, laboratories and scientists. Not a traditional clinic, but a blockchain network in which medical and personal data is recorded safely and irrefutably. It looks like a simple website from the front, but due to blockchain technology, it is always clear which party has access to which data and gives the patient an explicit role to grant permission.

“Medical doctors can use this to request fecal analysis if a patient has complaints, the laboratory then performs the requested analysis. The doctor writes a prescription based on the analysis and the patient can determine whether he agrees with the proposed treatment. Finally, the pharmacist will view the prescription and send the requested medicine to the patient. With payment smoothly integrated.”

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