Identify unique objects through the supply chain using TTag Technology

About the project

Together with Eriks, Ledger Leopard developed the hose management system based on the TTag technology, to identify hoses through the supply chain uniquely.

Eriks is an acknowledged specialist supplier of technical solutions, services, and products in many sectors of industry. Within a comprehensive sphere of operations, there is particular emphasis on the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, and brewery markets.

In addition to the standard product lines, ERIKS has developed many support and solution-based services which include hose management (incorporating on-site testing, hose inspection, and hose registry establishment and maintenance), hose refit, design of bespoke hose assemblies for individual installations, and of course technical support and advice

The challenge

The availability of the right parts, tools or assembled components is crucial for the production process. Using the ERIKS Hose Management System will learn how to make components smarter and ensure that the correct, tested and certified parts are used during maintenance work. In addition, Ledger Leopard developed together wirh ERIKS an app to manage the identification and inspection of the hoses.

The solution

Industrial companies in Europe feel te competition of companies like Amazon and Ali express, so are looking for new business models. In the cases of Eriks this means add value to services. By identifying assets uniquely the can add services like remote monitoring , certificates, inspection and the status of an asset.

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