A blockchain solution for mental healthcare providers to optimize the administration process

About the project

Together with one of the biggest mental healthcare providers of the Netherlands Pluryn, and the municipality of Renkum, Ledger Leopard created a blockchain solution to optimize the administration process.

Pluryn is an organization with more than 400 locations in the Netherlands. They work with 7400 professionals and 1000 volunteers. Young people and adults come to Pluryn for treatment and support: both at home and in facilities for care for the disabled, youth care, and mental health care. Learning, working, and leisure activities are part of the care.

The challenge

Renkum is a municipality in the city region of Arnhem, in the Dutch province of Gelderland. The municipality has 31,380 inhabitants and has an area of 47.12 km².
Since 2015, municipalities have been responsible for youth care, work and income and care for the long-term sick and elderly. The municipalities have taken over part of these tasks from the central government.
The government is taking several measures so that municipalities can adequately carry out their new duties. Such as:

  • Less regulatory burden for residents. The rules must be as simple as possible. Residents with complex problems can go to one point of contact.
  • The money flows to municipalities for tasks in the social domain are organized more simply. Municipalities ultimately receive one budget from the municipal fund to promote participation
    in society. In this way, the spending of and accountability for this budget becomes clearer for municipalities.

The application was developed for three main purposes. Facilitate that the different stakeholders are using the same product data through the supply chain. It also facilitated the users to communicate different types of standardized messages with requests and patient data using the blockchain. When a request to take care of patients is granted, a wallet with tokens is created, which generates invoices and automated payments.

The solution

The solution optimized the administrational process and so the costs of healthcare substantial. Because the agreements regarding products are in the smart contract, there are no incorrect product requests anymore and thus no bounced invoices. The automated messages optimize the communication between the municipality and Pluryn so that clients can be helped faster, and the agreements are clear. The wallets for patients and tokenization facilitate the optimization of the administration and financial process and, as a result, the cost.

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