Blockchain application Mijn Zorg Log awarded prize for best ICT project in healthcare

02 November 2017 in Success Stories

Utrecht, 1 November 2017 – Yesterday evening, Utrecht’s busy Beatrixtheater hosted the Computable Awards 2017. Mijn Zorg Log was named 2017’s best ICT project in healthcare. Mijn Zorg Log is a blockchain application developed by Dutch blockchain specialist Ledger Leopard for Zorginstituut Nederland. The Computable Awards are considered the most important awards for ICT projects in the Netherlands.

Computable Awards Mijn Zorg Log Ledger Leopard

We are very grateful to Zorginstituut Nederland for presenting us with the challenge of developing an operational blockchain solution for healthcare

Mijn Zorg Log is an operational prototype that can be used by customers, healthcare providers and families to keep a joint digital logbook, allowing them to access current information at all times. The key principle: the patient decides who can access the information.

At the end of September, Zorginstituut Nederland and Ledger Leopard were granted a certificate by the law firm Pels Rijcken in a ceremony in the Ridderzaal, making it the first legally certified blockchain project, as far as is known. This means that the blockchain application is safe to be deployed in various areas within the healthcare sector.

Jeroen van Megchelen, CEO of blockchain specialist Ledger Leopard: “We are very grateful to Zorginstituut Nederland for presenting us with the challenge of developing an operational blockchain solution for healthcare, which is now ready for large-scale rollout. We are also very proud to be the first company in the world to have created a certified blockchain solution, allowing blockchain technology to be tailored to an individual company or organisation. The platform is ready and available; you don’t need to build it. All you need are applications to help you use it, and we’re here to help companies and institutions develop them. Blockchain comes with clear advantages in terms of efficiency, such as a considerable reduction of administrative burden. It makes real-time exchange of information simple and reliable, as well as offering many more options to help determine who can access what information.”

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